Building Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur or a professional, we understand that there a lot of time goes in handling the database management, accounts, sales calling, designing social media content, and.a lot more. WE’ve found an efficient way to help you handle short-term/one-time tasks at a lower cost & in quicker time
We believe in Youth Entrepreneurship – and to hone their talents, we guide, mentor & even train students in essentials skills. Most have a minimum of 2-3hrs a day/week (remotely), to handle these tasks for you. You have the flexibility to pay-per-project or pay-per-hour depending on the duration of the engagement and the requirement of the task.

How we help:

  1. Provide entrepreneurs & professionals access to a team of bright, well-trained youngsters (students between 18-24years, pursuing a graduation degree from a reputed institution).
  2. Provide an opportunity to students with the right mind set, to earn from their skillsets for 2-3hrs a day/week. Thus helping them learn & earn.

Tasks that can be outsourced:

  1. Social media management
  2. Database management & research,
  3. Book-Keeping
  4. Design & content creation.
  5. Sales Calling

Identify your need. Contact us on 83290 70102

We  match your requirement with a student with the necessary skill sets

Our representative discusses your specific requirement & helps you ease out your work-day by providing you a trained short-task resource.You save time & money.