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SO, what is a creative brief. It is a document used to outline your brand as a whole; and based on your company’s purpose, goals, messaging and other key information it will develop your brand identity.

Effective briefs rely on good questions. If you ask yourself the right questions, you will have the answers of the who, what, why of your business. Putting all these thoughts on paper will help clarify your thoughts and help create a unique brand identity for your business 

To write a good creative brief, you need to add these crucial elements:

  1. The WHY of your business: Simon Sinek, says “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do” As an individual I am inclined to purchase something new, be it a product apr a service, based on the emotional connect that the brand creates. Every brand has a unique story to tell – some are inspirational, others, not. Anyone who is going to be your potential and loyal customer needs a reason to buy what you are selling.

You need to ask questions like: 

  • What products/services do you offer?
  • How would you introduce your company to a potential client?
  1. Aura, Values and Objectives: This talks about how you would best describe your brand. What’s the environment there? Carefully pick some adjectives that best describe your company. Are you fun or corporate? Earthy or slick? Compassionate or Understanding? Mention characteristics that are currently perceived and how would you like to be perceived your brand in the future.

Add the values you strongly stand for; it can be – women empowerment, equality or anything you truly wish for.

The objectives of your whole business; what you wish to achieve and the change to hope to make in the society and be of aid to your customers. Including all these will help create elements personalized and not general. Have an identity of your own; stop going around copying or watching your competitors.

  1. Products/ Services: Start by asking some fundamental questions about the products/services
  • What products are you advertising?
  • What category does it belong to?
  • What are the product’s existing brand value?

Your goal here should be to map the product’s current brand perception. Using the client’s existing records, market surveys and customer data to better understand your products and the brand better.

  1. Core Customers: A deeper understanding of the target audience, its wants, desires and tastes is crucial for the writing of the brief. Start by creating your ideal customer profiles and then define your personas based on the sorts of people included in those profiles. This can be done through research and monitoring. You need to figure out WHO are you creating these products and services for? How old are they? Where can they be found? 

This real data can make a whole lot of difference.

  1. Share your goodies: Think about what else the agency might need before starting off:

Maybe current marketing material, imagery, brand guidelines. Provide them with all the help possible to create something beautiful, something that wholly represents YOU; something distinct. 

At the end read through the brief to make sure it can be easily understood by someone outside the industry so that it can be perceived by literally ANYONE who is in your niche or anyone who hasn’t even heard of your products or your brand. Avoid complexity and more importantly give definitions for acronyms; be clear and focused as possible, nobody has time for jargon!

The effort that goes into creating this simple document, however, is immense. You have to have an acute understanding of the brand, the product and the message it wishes to convey.

When you brief a creative agency, you need to provide them with deeper insight in what you deal with. They wish to get under the skin of your business, that’s when they will be able to deliver the most effective work. 

Remember though, it’s called brief for a reason, so make it brief! 

Blog written by Rachel Gomes for Cheree Tree Concepts

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