About Us

This company was founded to provide a solution to challenges faced by well-established businesses as well as start-ups. The challenge of creating consistency in the way your clients PERCEIVE your brand. Consistency is achieved by a vision that is communicated with powerful visuals, words & emotions that are a part of your ethos.

A single company that looks after your designs, communication, customer connect opportunities online & more importantly offline AND is able to align your employees to your organisation’s goals.

We differentiate through creating design WOWs, out-of-the-mould marketing strategy & viewing employees as the biggest brand ambassadors of an organisation.


Why we do what we Do”

We are aware that word of mouth ALONE cannot ensure that customers would choose you over others in your industry. We are aware of the the need to constantly & consistently communicate our USP. Thus ensuring that we become visible at the point-of-need.

What motivates us is the challenge to help businesses start off strong with a powerful brand identity.

The Cheree Tree Concepts team come with several years of experience in design strategy, brand positioning & communication, marketing expertise & events to connect with customers, associates & employees.

The challenge to position your brand effectively to gain & retain customers, is what drives, motivates & guides us.

 Rina Barreto Shankar

Founder & CEO

With over 18 years experience in business development, brand communication & employee motivation strategy, she understands the power of Brand Design & Communication to build a strong business.

Having help set up the Communication & Motivation Strategy to improve sales/service performance for a leading MNC, she knows that a brand’s strength lies inherently its people.

David Noronha

Design Head

A creative bent of mind and an ability to interpret a client brief instantly are skills that he uses to develop creative output – be it a brand campaign or a event concept.

While pursuing a program in Digital Media Art at Shrishti College of Art, Design & Technology, he loves the challenge of developing design solutions for clients