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Very professional approach by Rina and team. They have promoted our brand so well. Definitely one should go to cheree tree for their marketing and promotional requirements.
Maizle Costa
Maizle Costa
Cheree Tree Concepts has handled brand development for Oorja Wellness Centre since December 2020. Their complete understanding of our work has helped us a lot. They have been able to give us very creative, attractive social media posts, videos, and other content. It has helped me to present my business and our wellness centre treatments, etc. to our target audience. They have always delivered more than is expected and I highly recommend them as a Marketing & Branding partner to help your business.
sunil dhawalikar
sunil dhawalikar
Loved how quickly we got a response from Cheree Tree with the creatives!
Gaurav Bakshi
Gaurav Bakshi
Rinabarreto Shankar is one of the best Mentor She will guide you with appropriate knowledge Also she will go extra mile to help you.she is a genuine person.😊
simran shaikh
simran shaikh
I contacted Cheree Tree Concepts to help me to grow my Creative Arts & Crafts business. I was really happy with the way they were able to review our entire business , look at the small details and develop a strategy for helping i=us to grow. The promotional video was created very well and the Product Photography tips that they gave us has helped us to create brilliant product portfolio . I feel so much more confident now, about growing my business.Thank you so much ❤️
priyanka navelkar
priyanka navelkar
Siddhanth Kalangutkar
Siddhanth Kalangutkar
Having worked with Rina from Cheree Tree Concepts on two different projects, I realized that she has a great eye for detailing with potential to add passion and life to create an outstanding design working on any product or service. Engaging Cheree Tree Concepts to build your brand will definitely add that extra sparkle to it !! Good Luck and All the best !!
Yogesh Kerkar
Yogesh Kerkar
Avacado the gamer
Avacado the gamer
I worked with Cheree Tree Concepts as an Intern in Octonber-Novemebr 2019. It was a great experience to be exposed to work across diffrent industries - from Education to Nutrition to Promoting and marketing of Apps. It was good learning for me to understand how a client brief works. It's a very great opportunity for me since I'm pursuing journalism.
Denisa Noronha
Denisa Noronha
I contacted Cheree Tree Concepts to handle my design and communication strategy for promoting my Brand Joyversity Oveseas Education...I am really happy with the in-depth understanding of my business that they displayed and the quality of creative output. I highly recommend Cheree Tree as a Brand Building expert to guide your business to growth
Joyversity Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
Joyversity Overseas Education Pvt Ltd

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