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Welcome to
Cheree Tree CONCEPTS

Are on a journey to create a business to be proud of… one which lives on to tell a grand story?

Helping you start-up, scale-up & strengthen your business into a powerful brand, is our strategy to create something that we can be proud of!

At Cheree Tree CONCEPTS, we grow businesses into BRANDS with innovative Brand Building & Marketing Strategy.



Cherry-picked strategies: What We Do

1. Create powerful brand imagery + communication strategy.

2. Engage your internal customers – your employees – to uphold your brand vision & values

3. Engage with your customers & other stake holders (franchisees, dealers, partners) offline to build a competitive advantage.

But first, we create powerful Designs & Communication

All you need to know about our brand

Our Brand Book records our values, mission, ethos & work culture…& of course our fonts, colours, icons & brand voice.

It ensures that our clients know exactly who we are & gain comfort & trust with the message that we convey.


It ensures that our team, our partners, our vendors & everyone who chooses to associate with us, know what to expect. 

Innovative Brand Building: Our Work

We identify & strengthen the areas that your business requires in it’s current stage of growth.

We’ve worked with clients to deliver these:


  • Brand Identity Designs
  • Customer Connect strategy
  • Employee Engagement events
  • Go-to-Market strategy

Thanks for final logo output. It exactly depicts the vision of our
group. It was your efforts, dedication and your team understanding on our expectations that resulted in this output.

We appreciate your creative thoughts, time management and visionary thinking that we observed
during the tenure of this project and it helped us to learn many things to derive true value for Palwi
group. We are excited to work with Cheree Tree Concepts for future assignments and looking forward to find innovative solutions.



Thank you again for working with us and helping us discover our logo, we really appreciate it. Your style of working is very grounded and simple, yet super productive and inspiring. I think that what
also adds up to our synergy between Cheree Tree Concepts and Inspire Crew. We look forward to
working with you on more creative & strategy based projects as we develop our brand further. Thank
you again, and now you know who to come to if you ever need any adventure.



Really appreciate the designs created for social media posts for Joyveisty . Our Coaching,
Immigration & Education-Abroad Consultancy services as well as Russian language classes have
got a big boost post the social media visibility created by you.
Your copy & simple but effective layouts have made a big difference.
Appreciate the dedication to creating a difference to our brand.




Hi… I am Rina A Brand Strategist & Communication Coach. 10years in some of India’s best know advertising agencies working on BRAND STRATEGY, 5 years in developing a Communication & Motivational Platform for Employee Engagement for a multi-national company, & 5 years learning & growing as an Entrepreneur - my journey has been creative, innovative & fulfilling.


I am David… A designer, illustrator, animator & conceptualiser. I am Creative, Cool & Cuirky (yes! with a C). A digital Media Art student, I have been working on client briefs for several years. With a passion for out-of-the-mould thinking, and a strong sense for all things visual, I enjoy every new brief - be it brand strategy or customer-engagement event concepts.

Design Team

We work with a team of designers across the country who bring with them diverse creative mindsets & backgrounds, allowing us to offer our clients a rich set of design solutions

Branding & Marketing Experts

As an aggregator, it is our business to ensure that our clients have access to out-of-the-mould strategy that places their brands at a competitively advantageous position. We are therefore able to execute a multi-tier approach to brand building - brand marketing, on-ground customer connect and employee engagement.

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